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geosprint map notes


Have operational awareness of your business together with your team members
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Draw and write notes on map

Geosprint map notes features

create register

Save information about possible locations

With Geosprint Map Notes  you can save information on map. Draw areas, add and edit information on map.

detail plans

Access detail plan information


Enjoy fast access to information about building regulations. Geosprint Map covers the major cities in Finland:

  • Helsinki

  • Espoo

  • Vantaa

  • Turku

  • Tampere

  • Jyväskylä

  • Oulu

  • Kerava

  • Järvenpää

  • Lahti

property information

Boundaries and Identification numbers

Geosprint Map shows parcel boundary information throughout the Finland.

Geosprint Map also provides the property identification number which helps you to search more information about that exact piece of land.

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