Geosprint map analyst

find the perfect locations based on your custom needs

find perfect locations

Set the search terms for your perfect location and by the click of a button Geosprint Map Analyst will shortlist the properties and plots most suitable for your needs. Use myriad of supporting map layers then to explore there and results and pick the ultimately best locations.


Full version web tool features

data sets

Variety of datasets for your needs. ​For instance

  • stores

  • restaurants & cafeterias

  • sport facilities

  • noise impact area

  • soil

and many more

Property opportunities

Find unused building rights and spots​ where to get more building right.


Understand the characteristics of different areas. 


Choose from variety of awesome basemaps

  • Street

  • Imagery

  • Gray

  • Dark

  • Openstreetmap

  • Navigation

  • News paper

How much Geosprint Map Analyst costs?

Check pricing for more information.

How often the data updates?

Depending on data. Most of the data is from open sources and we'll update it when it updates  on the original source. 

What is the geographic coverage?

Geosgraphic coverage for Geosprint Map Analyst is Finland. Smaller cities does not offer  all data. Contact us for more information.

Can I try it before buying it?

Sure! Book a demo.

things you might wonder


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