How often the data updates?

How often the data updates?

Geosprint map

what can you do with it?


search plots

"Find me the empty plots in Helsinki, where there is 3000m2 building rights available for public use building"

Select from Detail Plan or Building Potential data sources and enter your search parameters. Geosprint Map will list the most feasible plots for you.

+2.6M plots from Finland

validate your findings

"Tell me what's the purchase power and age diviation inside 30 minutes public transportation catchment area from this location"

You can create different types of study areas based on distance and travel time. Find out demographics, property information, services, traffic count, nature information and more inside the study area and collect the information as tables, GeoJSON and Excel-files.


investigate more

"If I was about to build here, would there be significant noise problems, what kind of soil type there is, is there flood risk, what's the projected population growth, and is the ground flat or sloped?"

We have +60 curated Map Layers that you can turn on to understand what type of area you are dealing with!

Geosprint Map has for example:

  • Detail Plans from 12 different municipalities in Finland

  • Traffic count, noise areas and flood risk information

  • Soil information

  • Property boundaries

  • Aerial and Sentinel 2 satellite imagery

  • Open Street Map 

  • 3D buildings


"If a new building would exists here, how would the shadows cast and would it fit on to the plot?"

Sketch your ideas on the plot you found and evaluate the effects on surrounding environment. Find out how the shadows cast, what are the visibility changes and how well the buildings fit.


connect to your gis platform

"I'm bringing my Project Portfolio layer from our on premises ArcGIS Enterprise to the Geosprint Map"

Bring your own layers to Geosprint Map! Leverage the work that you have already done and connect the API Endpoints from your current GIS Platform to Geosprint Map securely. At the moment we support ArcGIS REST and WMS-layers.