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Treasure hunting for real estate professionals

What the map?

There's no better way to show location-based information than maps

Your business is affected by the geography surrounding it. For instance customers, assets, offices, stores, competitors, employees and pretty much everything related to your business are located somewhere. Also demand and supply of your market differs from area to area and areas are constantly changing. The value of the land changes, logistics creates expenses, people move just to mention some phenomenas.

You can try to understand and manage your daily business using Excel, Word, Powerpoint and even systems like Salesforce and such, yet location related patterns and relations are easily missed. 

Maps show the world in a visual way that enables users to find what they need.



We have extensive experience of helping companies to utilise GIS in their business

real estate

Manage your property developement information using Geosprint Map. Boost team work and access spatial data sets more easily.


Analyze risk cumulations automatically by digital maps.

sales & marketing

Find your market potential. Analyze target demographics and get your message across accurately. 

Contact us to get your business on map.

gis consulting

GIS consulting for your needs.


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We are team of people passionate about the fact that using automatic maps in business helps businesses be more successful. We are ready to change your daily routines by making your business visible to you and your team and help you be more efficient.

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