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find perfect locations 

Find best sites easily and conduct location analysis with Geosprint Map

where are the treasures?

Why waste time manually crawling through dozens of map services when you can detour search engine to the work for you? With our simple and effective point-and-click user experience, you can spend just minutes finding and collecting the information you need for your location-related decisions.

Geosprint Map processes and combines data from numerous sources, making it easy for you to make high-quality, informed decisions quickly and efficiently. With Geosprint Map, you can find the perfect properties and plots, analyze the surrounding area, and develop creative ideas for your next project all in one place. Don't waste any more time on tedious and time-consuming tasks. Try Geosprint Map today and start seeing the benefits for yourself.

Geosprint Map

+ 4.5 M


+ 60






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Bring your own spreadsheets, ArcGIS and OGC -layers on the map


what can you do with geosprint map?

site selection

Find the perfect building site with ease using Geosprint Map. With millions of plots to choose from Finland, our powerful search tool helps you narrow down the options and find the most feasible sites based on your specific criteria.

+4.5M plots from Finland

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 17.37.22.png

Location analysis

Ensure that your building site or other location is the right fit with our extensive data sets. Screen on the map for demographics, property information, services, traffic count, and more.


Easily export the data as  GeoJSON, and Excel files to help you make the best decision.

make notes on map

Geosprint Map allows you to make clear, visual notes on map.

Making notes on a map is a great way to remember specific locations and add context to your map. But writing location-based notes on excel sheets can result in a cluttered and disorganized mess. By visualizing your notes, you can better understand and process the information you're working with.

With Geosprint Map, you can easily make visual notes on map, share them within your organization, and even create your own land registry.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 20.30.09.png

3D modeling

Bring your building project to life with our 3D property unit sketching tool. Get a better understanding of how your buildings will fit in the environment and see the effects on shadows and visibility.

bring your spreadsheet to map

Maximize your efficiency and accuracy with Geosprint Map's spreadsheet integration. Simply drag and drop any spreadsheets with address, coordinates, or property identifier to quickly locate your current sites, real estates, competitors' locations or what ever information you have saved on your spreadsheets.

raahaa excel taulukkoja kuva.png

connect to your gis platform

Bring your own layers to Geosprint Map! Leverage the work that you have already done and connect easily the API Endpoints from your current GIS Platform to Geosprint Map securely. At the moment we support ArcGIS REST and WMS-layers.

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