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Travel Time


Travel Time Zones

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Travel Time tools for web and ArcGIS Pro

Enhance decision making by adding travel time catchment areas to your analysis.


With Geosprint Travel Time you can generate travel time zones using different modes such as  Public Transportation, Car, Bike and Walk. 


You can also choose different time parameters and export the results as a GeoJSON in www-tool and as a Filegeodatabase in ArcGIS Pro 

Full version web tool features

Generate Travel Time Zones 

Use Geosprint Travel Time


Geosprint Travel Time can be used through easy-to-use map tool that runs in your browser. Click on map, choose travel mode and time parameters and export the results as GeoJSON

ArcGIS Pro

With Geosprint Travel Time tool for ArcGIS Pro you can create multiple travel time zones from your custom origin point data and store the results in filegeodatabase for further use


Get your ApiKey and integrate Geosprint Travel Time to your custom solution through REST API. API documentation is here


Geosprint Travel Time QGIS Plug-In can have point vector layer as an input and generate travel time polygons for you based on the parameters you set.

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